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713 492-5074 512 815-5500 479 721-1413 832 236-8366 Travel Services713 492-5074 512 815-5500 479 721-1413 832 236-8366 Travel Services713 492-5074 512 815-5500 479 721-1413 832 236-8366 Travel Services


Why a Cruise?

Luxury Yacht Cruise

Why a Cruise?


30 million people are expected to go on a cruise in 2019, and that number increases each year!   There are so many choices, each with their own specialties.   We hope these options will provide the information needed to make the best decision for you and your family!

First, it is like an all-inclusive vacation. You have several restaurants with 5 star menus available to choose from each day. If you want to go more casual, there’s a Garden Cafe Buffet with more choices than you can imagine. Not enough? Well, there’s  good old  hamburgers and hotdogs with all the fixings at poolside. Also, there are specialty restaurants that are also available for an additional charge. 

Second, If you cruise as a family, there are lots of kid’s activities, too. There’s a club for young kids so adults can enjoy some free time as well as a teen area. Everyone can find something to do on the ship or you can just relax and chill out at the pool. Because there are so many directions of where to go, it makes it easier to keep track of everyone by bringing walkie-talkies.  

Another reason to cruise is that you go to different destinations while you unpack ONCE! If you choose the cruise by the ports of call, you’ll find different attractions and things to see at each location.  

More reasons to cruise….You’ll have great entertainment day and night. There are live bands at the pool during the day. During the evening, there’s dancing and wonderful shows to attend. 

Final reason to cruise is that it is a very relaxing vacation. You can be as busy as you want or just take it easy! 

River Cruises

Luxury Yacht Cruise

Why a Cruise?


River cruises can happen ANYWHERE there is water!    There are river cruises you can take throughout the United States... as well as many other areas of the world!  


We often find the first thing that comes to most people’s minds when you hear “cruise” is a large ocean liner with pools, casino, large masses of people and buffet dinners.

A river cruise however, is a much different type of cruise.   Consider the following:

An ocean cruise uses ships that can serve AS a destination all on their own, a river cruise offers ships that take you, in comfort and style, to each destination and serve to help enhance those experiences.

You have small, intimate numbers on-board with a staff you come to know, almost wholly, should you choose. Because of the small numbers you’ll have a few dining options.

River Cruises also often travel short distances and mostly at night so you’ll generally wake up in a new destination ready to start the day exploring and chances are you’ll have some beautiful scenery waiting for you right from your stateroom window.

You’ll also find that entertainment ends early in the evening. Days are often filled with excursions or self-guided exploration and tend to start earlier in the day resulting in quieter nights as most people file off to bed. It’s a great way to immerse yourself in each stop as the focus of the cruise is really about each individual destination, rather than on-board activities – though there are those available too in the event you’d rather stay on board during the day.

River cruising is really great for those who are looking for more intimate, social settings where you have the opportunity to really interact with fellow passengers (should you choose), where you’re on land everyday as opposed to having days at sea, where most costs are already included in the price and where there is a calmer vibe, not to mention calmer waters, as amenities and entertainment aren’t available 24/7.

Luxury Yacht Cruise

Luxury Yacht Cruise

Luxury Yacht Cruise


This is a style of cruise that seems to be part river cruise, part ocean cruise and all luxury. 

For instance, some of the amenities that some yachts have include a well-being center with spa and salon treatments, a pool and sun deck, lounges and bars, a theater, a shop and leisure areas.


While this is reminiscent of an ocean liner, the smaller numbers of passengers, fewer restaurant options and overall feel seem to be more in line with a river cruise. 

Like ocean cruises, you’ll also have the benefit of both days at port and days at sea, allowing you to enjoy each destination while also offering time to fully explore the ship itself. 

Luxury yacht cruises give the feeling as though you are sailing on your own private yacht to incredible destinations in comfort and luxury… and that sounds pretty fantastic to us! 

Ocean Cruise

Tall Ship Cruises

Luxury Yacht Cruise


Ocean cruises are often the most common cruise that comes to mind and while the large ships we often see exist, there are a range of sizes to be found cruising the ocean.

Ocean cruises, especially those with larger ships, offer a variety of amenities you probably won’t see in the other styles mentioned. It’s on these ships that you’ll find casinos and clubs, a host of restaurants and bars, game areas, many shops and activities galore. 

You can enjoy these types of activities on many Ocean Cruise Ships:

water slides, dry slides, zip-line, rock climbing, sky-diving, go-karts, bumper cars, roller skating, ice-skating and coming soon... a roller coaster!

With often 24/7 dining options and entertainment, you’ll be able to find something to do at any time. These ships are a destination on their own. Vegas style shows, multiple restaurants to choose from, movie nights and dance classes and with so much going on, you never really have to leave the ship to have a good time!

You’ll also find that larger ocean cruises come with larger crowds of people so you’ll experience a different style of socializing as well then if you were on a smaller sized ship.

Ocean cruises offer a taste of each destination you visit with the convenience of an entire destination of a ship at your fingertips.

Impact Cruise

Tall Ship Cruises

Tall Ship Cruises


A volunteer-based cruise where passengers can experience a different side of travel.

Rather than cruising from port to port, they typically head to a single destination and remain docked for the duration of the trip until we headed out to sea to return. 

While docked, you are able to participate in the typical shore excursions or be part of one of the activities meant to help facilitate growth and development in the local community.

Taking part in these impact activities, like teaching English, working in a cacao factory and planting trees, allows cruisers to learn more about the economic, sociological and cultural factors that are found deeper than what you’d see just visiting the tourist destinations.

 These unique group opportunities allow guests to make an impact while traveling and provide assistance and support to local communities in a variety of ways such as on-shore opportunities to deeply connect with those living on the islands of the Caribbean, and to realize the rewards of lending a helping hand to those in need. 

Tall Ship Cruises

Tall Ship Cruises

Tall Ship Cruises


We’ve seen tall ships before. In fact, you’ll probably see one if you’re walking around harbourfront in Toronto as there are daily cruises during the warm season. But those are a couple hours, not a couple days. 

They take the term “intimate’ cruise to the next level compared to the rest of the styles we’ve mentioned. With small numbers, typically under 30, the setting is private and service can be incredibly personalized.

These cruises are remarkably unique and seem to bring some adventure to the experience as you’re getting really up close and personal with the waters.

It’s definitely a more hands on experience as you can really interact with passengers and crew, most often climb a mast, learn about the ship, involve yourself in the sailing itself and enjoy the open air and views.

It’s a cruise for those who want to travel the seas  –travelling long distances, conquering new territory and navigating your way around the world – all while enjoying a personalized, often luxury, cruise experience.