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Europe Destinations


Where do you want to go?

There are 51 independent countries within  Europe.   Determining which of them you want to visit is the first step in putting together a package for you.   

Small Group or independent?

Because we work with numerous suppliers, that are an abundance of 'packaged' small group tours available, should that be your desire.   There are also independent tours available, putting YOU in the driver's seat.   When you contact us, we will work with you to determine which works best for you, and provide the options you desire.   

Small Groups provide you with a set of tours (mandatory and optional) with everything planned out, while still allowing for free time in each city.  Most meals, hotels and transfers are already organized so you have little if anything to worry about.  You also have a guide who knows the areas you are visiting.

Independent allows you the freedom to do what you want in each city.   We can help put together itineraries of YOUR choosing, and help you get from one locale to the other.   Alternatively, you can venture out on your own!


For US Citizens, flight times to Europe can be a burden.   They are going to be long, and generally overnight.   Because of this, many clients choose to extend their time in Europe to visit many countries with on trip.    We can help!

Current Deals

While we are running the current deal above, we have the ability to book almost any deal you find on the internet.  We can also put together personalized itineraries based on what YOU want to visit rather than what some company puts together for you.  And, with our history in Europe we have made tremendous contacts to bring your trip a step above!