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Rebecca Cummings

Traveling is a divine experience that enhances us in countless ways. I have traveled my entire life, and helping others to do the same is a dream come true for me!  I have been a professional travel agent since 1999, and I specialize in:  

family and group travel all-inclusive vacations destination weddings luxury cruises.


I’m currently in Houston but have spent 16 years living in Germany while traveling to many nearby countries. I used to own a dive shop and toured around the Caribbean looking for the best spots to explore. I have also spent extended time in France, Austria, China, and numerous African countries.  

To always give my clients the best, I am certified in a number of categories including:  

Sandals Wedding Specialist Carnival Cruises Specialist Princess Cruises Specialist European Tourism And more!  

I love group traveling since I believe that it’s not where you go but who you go with that makes a trip memorable. I have always viewed Greece as one of the most amazing countries to explore, but with the right person, the experience can be elevated beyond compare.

I fully believe that traveling makes a person more well-rounded and happy in life. I want everyone to experience the magic of scenic lands and exciting new cultures, and that is why I try to mix charity events into traveling. Throughout the year, I look for new ways of combining charities and traveling so that people everywhere can get the most out of life. 

Currently, I am working with the American Cancer Association to create a fundraising cruise that brings survivors and their families together to raise awareness while also having an amazing time.  

Life is full of adventures, beautiful moments, and wonderful people that we can get to know further. I believe that traveling is the key to unlocking it all, and I want to help you get the most out of your next vacation. Tell me about your idea for your next trip, and we’ll work together to make it perfect! 


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